How many FemiLift sessions will I need to experience the benefits?

If you’re looking for a quick, convenient treatment for feminine issues such as vaginal dryness and incontinence, FemiLift can provide the relief you need. FemiLift is one of the most advanced laser technologies available for vaginal rejuvenation, so women that have undergone the procedure are amazed at the results. However, one question they frequently ask is – How many FemiLift sessions will I need to experience the benefits.

What is FemiLift?

FemiLift is a minimally invasive laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment that utilizes factional CO2 energy to tone and strengthen the vaginal tissues. The fractional laser therapy heats up the inner layers of the vaginal tissue, in order to induce collagen remodeling, which tightens the vaginal wall.

Benefits of FemiLift

FemiLift enhances the tone of the vaginal wall and increases tightness by contracting the tissues, and rebuilding collagen. FemiLift promotes natural lubrication and increases blood circulation. It also improves vaginal laxity, moisture levels, and stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

How many FemiLift sessions will I need to experience the benefits?

It typically takes 3 sessions spaced 4 weeks apart to gain optimal benefits with FemiLift. However, this may vary for each patient depending on the severity of the conditions being treated. Some improvement will be noticed within a few weeks of the first treatment, but the best results are seen after the recommended treatments are completed. A yearly maintenance treatment is also recommended to help maintain the results, as collagen will continue to break down over time.

A typical FemiLift session lasts approximately 15 minutes and no anesthesia is required. There is also no downtime.

Are you ready to give FemiLift a try?

Call our office today to set up a consultation to discuss the appropriateness and benefits of FemiLift, as well as possible side-effects.

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