Are you awake during the FemiLift procedure?

Yes, the procedure is performed completely awake with very little discomfort. Pain medication is rarely needed afterwards.

Is there any downtime in which you cannot be sexually active? 

We  recommend waiting 3 days to resume sexual activity.

What is the average recuperation time?  

An advantage of FemiLift is that patients will not encounter any down time.  Patients can go about their day immediately after the procedure.

How many treatments does one need in order to achieve a noticeable effect?  

Most patients require a total of 3 treatments.

Are there any issues with urination afterward?  

There is no change in urination afterward.  One benefit is an improvement in urinary stress incontinence.

Does FemiLift help alleviate urinary stress incontinence?  

Absolutely. For patients who suffer from mild to moderate urinary stress incontinence there is a definite benefit.

How do you measure whether or not it worked? 

There is no test or measure in which to deem success. Regardless, patients report an improvement in vaginal tightening, vaginal lubrication and  urinary incontinence.

Is the change permanent?  

Unfortunately not. However, some have reported results lasting for over a year.  We suggest patients return for a an additional session when symptoms return to what they once were, which is typically one to two years from the date of initial treatment.

Can it help make achieving an orgasm from penetration easier? 

People do claim improved orgasms and less discomfort due to friction from the vaginal tightening and increased lubrication.

Does it help with vaginal dryness?  

Yes,. Many menopausal and peri-menopausal patients report improved lubrication and vaginal tissue integrity (vaginal atrophy).

What side effects can a patient expect?


What are the risks? 

None, the procedure is very safe with minimal to no downtime.

A course of 3 FemiLift treatments is recommended for best results, and these are normally spaced 4 weeks apart.

Why choose FemiLift

FemiLift is a quick, minimally invasive treatment that takes approximately 15 minutes to perform, and does not involve extensive downtime, so you can return to work right away. However, patients are advised to refrain from sexual intercourse for at least 3 days.

FemiLift is the ideal procedure for women looking for a non-surgical way to address vaginal laxity, and other intimate feminine concerns.

FemiLift uses a very small laser probe enclosed within a single-use tube to deliver fractional energy to the vaginal tissues. The treatment is not painful and requires no anesthesia.

Would you like to learn more about FemiLift?

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