There is now an innovative non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment for women searching for relief from feminine issues, often linked to childbirth and aging. It’s called FemiLift. FemiLift is a gentle procedure that tightens the vagina and restores natural flexibility to the vaginal tissues. The procedure requires no anesthesia, no surgery, no downtime, and delivers long-lasting results.

What is FemiLift?

FemiLift is a minimally invasive vaginal rejuvenation treatment by Alma Lasers that uses fractional CO2 laser energy to restructure and renew damaged vaginal tissues. FemiLift rejuvenates the vaginal tissues and treats conditions such as vaginal laxity, stress urinary incontinence, and vaginal dryness.
FemiLift is a simple outpatient procedure that takes 10-15 minutes to perform.

How FemiLift works

FemiLift comes with a single-use probe that is inserted into the vagina to treat the vaginal wall. The laser rotates 360 degrees and applies thermal energy into the deep layers of the vaginal tissues. The heat causes the collagen fibers to contract and triggers the production of fresh, new collagen. This revitalizes the vaginal mucosa resulting in vaginal tightening and increased lubrication, as well as a reduction in urine leakage.

Is it Painful?

FemiLift is not painful, but patients may feel slight heat at the treatment area, which is very tolerable.

How many treatments do you need?

A course of 3 FemiLift treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart is recommended for optimal results.

What can you expect after treatment?

Patients can resume normal activities immediately after FemiLift treatment but are advised to wait at least 3 days before having sexual intercourse or wearing a
tampon. Most patients notice some improvement in the tightness of the vaginal wall after the first treatment, but since collagen regeneration takes time, optimal results are generally seen after the third treatment.

The results of FemiLift last for approximately 1-2 years.

Take the First Step

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*Individual results may vary.

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